21 Mar Cal Humanities awards CA Documentary Project Research & Development Grant for the Mojave Project

I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded a Cal Humanities 2014 California Documentary Project Research & Development grant award for the upcoming The Mojave Project.

The Mojave Project, $10,000 (new media)
Project Director: Kim Stringfellow
Sponsor: Mojave Desert Heritage and Culture Association

The Mojave Project is a web-based interactive multimedia project exploring the historical, cultural, and physical landscape of the Mojave Desert. The project will illuminate the true character of the Mojave by collecting and sharing a wide range of voices and stories, including those of historians, geologists, biologists, cultural geographers, native speakers, land management officials, military personnel, miners, environmental activists, and long-time residents.

For more the full list of 2014 Cal Humanities Grant Awards visit: http://www.calhum.org/experiences/all-projects.