JRHS featured on KCET’s Artbound

07 May JRHS featured on KCET’s Artbound

For my first web column for KCET’s Artbound I was asked to write a feature article by KCET editors concerning Jackrabbit Homesteading. Future columns of mine will explore the diverse arts culture of the High Desert and beyond. Look for my column’s monthly installments.

As a transmedia platform Artbound allows the audience to choose interesting arts and culture features that interest them personally. To participate, visit the Artbound’s website and peruse the various articles. Vote for your favorite one and it moves up the KCET’s production pipeline, possibly becoming an in-depth web or future TV feature.

If you enjoy my first column feature on Jackrabbit Homesteading please give it a thumbs up by ‘liking it’ on Facebook or Twitter on the article page!

Visit www.kcet.org/arts/artbound/


“KCET Public Media is proud to announce the launch of Artbound, a transmedia series that creates new ways to explore and engage with the arts and culture of Southern California. With over thirty columnists and cultural critics in 11 counties of Southern California, Artbound is scanning the region, providing seeds of engagement through articles, videos, projects and partners, who are narrating the cultural stories of our region.

In our new media saturated environment, the critical issue for the arts is not just one of analysis but also distribution; that is why we’ve created a platform where you can become a participant in the re-telling or creation of a story. By selecting articles that will be turned into short-format documentaries and TV episodes, Artbound audiences become programmers, curators and critics, helping us determine what is current and viable in the cultural landscape of our time.”