29 Dec KCET Artbound: America Deserta

Artbound travels to Southern California’s desert regions in this episode featuring the landscape painting and video art of visual artist Diane Best whose work personifies the creative spirit found throughout the Joshua Tree region; the Coachella artists the Date Farmers who infuse abstract expressionism with a politically charged, pop culture update; a draw-in with Hillary Mushkin’s Incendiary Traces at the 29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center that challenges participants to become conscious of militarized landscapes; the superadobe construction techniques of Cal-Earth whose experimental designs are challenging the ubiquitous cookie-cutter suburban communities in the urbanized southwestern Mojave Desert; Jackrabbit Homesteads and the cultural legacy of the Small Tract Act in Southern California’s Morongo Basin; the eclectic practice of Joshua Tree’s “Art Queen Shari Elf; and a performance by Rodrigo Amarante.

This episode originally aired on December 18th, 2014.

http://www.kcet.org/arts/artbound/counties/artbound-episode-america-deserta.html (use this link to view the video on iPads and other devices that do not support Flash).