KCET ARTBOUND contributing columnist

30 Apr KCET ARTBOUND contributing columnist

Artbound is KCET’s new  innovative multi-platform project dedicated to the arts and culture of the Southern and Central California.

Funded by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, the unique venture is led by KCET’s Juan Devis, Director of Production and Program Development.

Artbound includes a series of online columns written by more than 20 experienced artistic advisors, cultural critics, curators and definitive taste makers of the arts; 24 web-original video arts segments; and four original half-hour television episodes.

Look for my blog column on SoCal hinterland arts and culture in next’s month launch at: kcet.org/artbound.

Artbound Press Release: www.kcet.org/about/pressroom/press-releases/kcet-launches-artbound-a-new-innovative-transmedia-series-may-7.html