25 Apr Kim Stringfellow to receive an honorary doctoral degree from Claremont Graduate University

Kim Stringfellow will receive an honorary doctoral degree from Claremont Graduate University during the Saturday, May 12, 2018 commencement ceremony in Claremont, CA.

Press Release: CGU Commencement Forum
Re-Imagining the University Through the Arts, Design, and Innovation

Each year, the Commencement Forum celebrates the accomplishments of student honorees and honorary degree recipients in the spirit of transcending boundaries, both disciplinary and tangible. This year’s forum deals with artistic practice, design, and innovation, specifically asking us to re-imagine the impact of the university through these lenses.

A panel of this year’s honorary degree recipients—Zubaida Bai, Kim Stringfellow, and Daniel E. Walker—will anchor the experience. Bai is a thought leader and innovator of health and livelihood solutions; her company, ayzh (pronounced “eyes”), provides reproductive products and services for over 1 million women and girls in underdeveloped countries. Stringfellow is an artist, educator, writer, and independent curator based in Joshua Tree, California, and an art professor at San Diego State University. Walker, a scholar, artist, and social entrepreneur, founded the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival and has written and directed films and worked as a producer for KCET.

The panel will be moderated by Andrew Vosko, PhD, associate provost of Transdisciplinary Studies at CGU.

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