16 Nov OUR LAND 2: Symposium 2016, Santa Fe, NM

“Land relations: Conflict, subsistence, extraction, compromise and utopia of our domesticated nature.”
November 16th, Wednesday
Farmers Market Institute, Santa Fe Depot, Santa Fe NM

This evening’s session will fuse culture and politics, challenging us to squint through the translucent curtains of our shared landscape, to the relations and systems both political and cultural– which shape it. Eric Holt Gimenez situates the struggle for local control of land in the broader movement for justice. Rick Prelinger, famed archivist of subaltern histories traces sentiments and aspirations within “ the family farm”, through collected and curated home-videos. Kim Stringfellow traces the lineage and relics of utopian land experiments and boom-towns in the Mojave. Join for an engaging evening of landscape interpretation and food politics as artists, archivists, activists reflect on the circumstance and agencies of landcare.

5.00 Introduction Severine v T Fleming, Agrarian Trust, Founder
5.30 Rick Prelinger, Prelinger Archive, “ Farms Lost and Found”
6.30 Eric Holt Gimenez, Food First “ Social questions in Land Reform”
Snacks + Drinks
7.30 Kim Stringfellow, The Mojave Project “ Greetings from the Salton Sea”

Rsvp required: [email protected]

To event is part of:

OUR LAND 2: Tracing the Acequia Commons.
Our Land 2 is a series of talks, exhibits and happenings to advance the broadening discourse on land commons and farmland futures.

WHAT: We’re pleased to send you this SAVE THE DATE announcement about our autumn program OUR LAND 2: Tracing the Acequia Commons, a series of talks, exhibits and happenings to advance the broadening discourse on land commons and farmland futures.

WHERE: Santa Fe, New Mexico. Most events free and open to the public.

WHEN: November 9, 13-17th

Join us as we explore topics of public trust, commons culture, acequia traditions, water enclosures and new topographics.
Through lectures, documentary films, open archive exhibits and a walk along an Acequia irrigation ditch– we can learn together.

May the ditches flow for another four centuries.

WHO: Speakers and exhibitors will include: Mary Wood, Rick Prelinger, Kim Stringfellow, Tezozomoc, Sylvia Rodriguez, Miguel Santistevan, Devon Pena, Ruth Breach, Stanley Crawford, Emily Vogler, Ildi Carlisle-Cummins, Eric Holt Gimenez, Allyson Siwik… and more

Thanks to partners: Whitehead Foundation, Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute, Green Fire Times, Quivira Coalition, Bioneers, Biodynamic Association, Food First Publications, Rio Grande/ Northern New Mexico Young Farmers Coalitions.

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